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ACRYLICS.CA | Design, Prototype, Manufacture in Clear or Colored Acrylics.
Plastics Prototyping, Acrylic and Lexan Fabrication, Rapid Plastics Design and Manufacturing
Original Manufacturer of the World's First Clear Acrylic Briefcases (clear cases for merchandising and promotions).
ACRYLICS.CA | Rapid Plastics Prototyping, Start Now!, Manufacturing Case Studies, Experience Enclosures, Cases, Housing, Boxes of All Kinds.

Welcome! Acrylics.ca is a plastics fabricator (manufacturer) specializing in clear acrylic (AKA, Plexiglas®, Lucite®, etc.). We are a resourceful partner for product design, prototyping and manufacturing. As a manufacturer, we help bring your ideas to fruition in a highly confidential environment. Utilizing 3d modeling software tools, we can help you conceptualize and ultimately realize your product designs in easy to understand drawings prior to work performed. We have built thousands of innovative acrylic products across a spectrum of industries. We have done work for corporations like Microsoft®, Beamglobal®, GE®, Hewlett Packard®, medium and small businesses, educational institutions like the University of Toronto and entrepreneurs, both locally and abroad. We're able to CNC route your project and scale-up production in a timely way. Complete configurations, combinations of formed and machined parts coupled with strip heat bending, mechanical joining and molecular bonding are entirely possible. If you're working with clear acrylic in any way, email us. We look forward to offering you the best price posible.

Industries Served
Aerospace (Windows) | Architecture (Signs, Building Accoutrements) | Commercial | Education | Electronics (Housings, Panels) | Food Services (Bins, Dispensers) | Forestry (Point-of-Machine Guarding) | Mining (Shields) | Marine (Boat windows) | Medical (Lab equipment) | Technology (Specialty Hardware) | Transportation | Automotive | Industrial (Machine Guards) | Custom Fabrication and Volume Manufacturing

Universal in their timeless appeal, clear acrylic purses, handbags and briefcases are works of art we enjoy fabricating. We offer a select line of 1950's "styles;" purses, clutches, handbags and briefcases using our proprietary thermoforming and bonding processes. Please send us your unique inspirations or call 1-250-888-9982 to discuss -- we'd be happy to add customizations (longer handles, inserts, hold-downs, laser etchings, artwork, jewels, electronics, etc.), to make your design a singular item found no where else.

London GraduTe Fashion Week. Helmut Lang briefcase in New York.

Our product range is vast and goes beyond the simple pages of this web site! Call us!

Here are just a small sampling of case ideas:

  • Clear Acrylic/Lucite Jewelry Cases
  • Clear Acrylic/Lucite Cosmetics Cases
  • Clear Acrylic/Lucite Purses
  • Clear Acrylic/Lucite Clutches
  • Clear Acrylic/Lucite Handbags
  • Clear Acrylic/Lucite Briefcases
Our lucite cases are ideal for shows, collecting or promotions.

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