ACRYLICS.CA is a leader in plastics prototyping, fabrication and large-scale manufacturing. We have worked with customers throughout the world and our history of innovation spans more than two decades. We count Microsoft®, Intel®, GE®, HP®, Dell®, among others, as repeat customers. We offer rapid design solutions that are driven by the latest in plastics manufacturing technololgy and often, leverage a variety of companies nationwide and our own in-house expertise to fullfill design goals, however ambitious.

We offer first-class, three-dimensional modeling of your projects in Sketchup® or Solidworks®, access to thousands of acrylic project parts, sheets, rods, tubes and films, access to CNC Routers, Mills and Machines and, we are expert fabricators with a patient willingness to take time to listen to your complex requirements.

Our vision, strategy, goals and values are the foundation of our company. We are regarded as a customer focused company that builds lasting relationships. We treat all of our customers with dignity and respect and we are honest, forthright and trustworthy .

We are ready to serve in the capacity of a world-class Plastics Manufacturer for you or your design team. Feel free to contact us to get started on your next project in the wonderful world of clear or colored acrylics and lexan. Thank-you for visiting.

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