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An Acrylic Briefcase.
Beyond its utilization as a document storage container, this tough clear acrylic briefcase has a number of advantages when used in high security areas at the prison, military or government level where the inspection of traditional briefcases or non-see-through document containers are ongoing and posing a significant risk to security personnel and/or scanning machines.

Traditional briefcases which are not see-through have the potential to be extremely high security risks (i.e., obvious containers for explosive devices, hiding places for contraband) at meetings, civilian or otherwise.

The clear briefcase’s role is principally visual and particularly suited to being received and inspected at security check points both quickly and easily. Inspections are immediate and detection possibilities are increased from a visual distance.


  • affords risk management throughout an organization
  • saves checkpoint inspection time (at prisons, military and government facilities)
  • increases detection possibilities and mars concealment of contraband
  • reduces risk of explosives exposure to security personnel
  • reduces risk of explosives exposure to expensive scanning equipment
  • substantial utility and effectiveness
  • a simple, effective anti-terrorism implementation
  • a useful aid for explosive device training

Our briefcase is manufactured to be tough. It is constructed utilizing a bonding agent and joined by bonded acrylic hinges – the result is a strong and lightweight enclosure (see below for more details).

A clear briefcase provides risk management like never before. Conventional “briefcase-style explosive” threats must be detected either by opening the container (an obvious risk to security personnel) or scanned by machine (an obvious risk to expensive scanning equipment) but with a clear briefcase, new inspection methodologies can reduce the exposure of man and machine.

The aim of this enclosure is the prevention, detection, identification and deterrence of acts of terrorism or contraband smuggling by replacing traditional non-see-through document containers, attaches in particular, with a clear acrylic solution.

By its very nature, our briefcase has the potential to save human lives, buildings and vehicles from harm if used at government or military access points.


The light transmission properties of this acrylic case is higher than glass. The case is very light and extremely strong and features clear acrylic hinges, a custom designed acrylic door stop, a sturdy 1/4" molded handle flanked by 2 nickel-plated acorn nuts for fastening and 2 nickel plated door clasps. Eight clear rubber bump-ons are situated on the bottom of the case and on the back side providing protection from table scratches and offering a secure grip to avoid slides. Each case is hand-flamed for ultimate clarity and polished to a lustrous shine. Ships in a protective plastic bag, bubbled wrapped and finally doused in peanuts to ensure safe delivery.


MATERIALS: 1/4" & 3/16" Cast Clear Lucite.
DESIGN: Unibody, wrapped and rounded. Fully assembled using a molecular bonding agent.
DIMENSIONS: 1 3/4" wide x 13 1/2" high x 15 1/4" long.
WEIGHT: Approximately 2lbs.
SHIPPING BOX: 11" wide x 20" high x 20" long (double-walled cardboard box).

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