Looking Glass River, Monroe Road.  Built in 1894, this 148 foot structure is one of the longest Pratt through truss bridges in Michigan.

We view the world of clear and colored acrylics as a looking glass. A place where imaginations are lighted and portals to new, alternate worlds are opened. This is a realm of endeavor where anything is possible. Our point of departure is the transition of everyday objects to clear and colored acrylics. This is a fantastical process and the results more so. A simple item, like a briefcase for example, takes on entirely new meaning, aesthetic and utility, reinventing the object and its function. What was once a mere briefcase, is now a portable display that can be filled with any object for viewing, like five hundred Knipschildt's Chocopologies or one thousand Chrome Tourmalines from Tsaniria.

Clear and colored acrylics are a conveyor, a medium of expression unlike any other in the world of plastics. Our role is as facilitator of that medium bringing form to your expressions. Our processes begin with what we call "easy speak" and often, a sketch (or complex drawing in Solidworks® or Sketchup®) from you. We're not here to make your fabrication and design goals more difficult than they already are. We're here to clarify and begin a process that ends with the creation of new things just as you envisioned them.

We're here to uncomplicate the manufacturing process.

We will take the time to discuss your project in a concise fashion because that is what is required. We're here to offer suggestions in the fabrication of complex designs whether it be a cancer clinic's Inhalation Nebulizer or the thermoforming of a two-story, multi-paneled, fixed wing display suspended in a vaulted ceiling. We enjoy solving problems and making suggestions. It's a great process.

Join us and you'll see that together we can build things no one else has: there is something exciting about that.

Management and Staff,

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