Acrylic is a versatile material! It is perfect for enclosing a variety of items from promotional items to musical instruments or items in a biotech lab. The design options are not limited to those featured on this website (see images below). With infinite possibilities for custom designs, you are able to explore new avenues of creativity. There is an acrylic case to suit nearly any item that would benefit from a clear and sturdy container. Each housing we build is constructed with cast acrylic, which enables them to shine like polished glass while maintaining greater strength than cases made from extruded acrylic. An endless amount of alt designs are possible, so feel free to envision the case you desire down to the smallest detail.

The strength and durability of our acrylic cases is due to our proprietary construction process. Each case begins with a single body panel, which is carefully heated, often bent, bonded and flame polished to form a high-sheen, smooth and finished product. The corners are often rounded and there are no rough edges. Rather than using the common screw and bolt method, we molecularly bond materials to produce acrylic cases for extra strength. Our technique also requires fewer parts, leading to exceptional quality and a sleek appearance. The cases we build utilizing this innovative process surpass those available from other manufacturers.

With their glossy transparent panels, our acrylic cases add chracter to anything they enclose while providing protection from environmental stresses. The different sizes and options featured on this website have an unlimited range through customization. Some of our current ClearPC® (our sister brand) models are well-suited to providing security for electronics devices such as the Microsoft XBOX, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation, PC, and other electronics. Many of our techniques in case design were pioneered here.

Acrylic cases are by no means limited to storing electronics. Some of the styles we produce function as clear acrylic briefcases (for promotions), tool boxes, pet carriers, display cases, security covers, cabinets and more. As a result of this versatility, acrylic cases are seen across a wide industry spectrum.

We have been designing, prototyping and fabricating acrylic, lexan, plexiglas, lucite and plastic cases of all kinds for over 3 decades. We can manufacture ten to 1 thousand cases in a timely manner and we appreciate any order, small or large. We have produced cases for industrial use, medical applications, point of purchase displays and much, much more.

Featured below is a representative sample of some of our recent drawings in Sketchup® and Solidworks®. If you'd like us to develop a special case for you or your company, please contact us to get started. We'd be happy to walk you through the process using the versatile material that is clear or colored acrylic, lexan or plastic of any type.

All of our acrylic cases are thoughtfully designed to fulfill virtually any individual need. With your satisfaction in mind, we continue to push the bounds of what is possible in case manufacturing. offers quality, selection, and design innovation that remain unmatched by other manufacturers.

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