10/25/16 announces new product line of 3D printer housings. For more information, see

09/10/15 SRA.COM to build 80 VIVITEK NOVO CONNECT security housings.

09/10/15 EPLUS to build 220+ XBOX 360 Slim Security Housings.

09/10/15 working with Rock Nation in New York on 20 clear acrylic briefcases for upcoming event.

09/03/13 Uniqlo USA chooses to manufacture 58 clear acrylic briefcases.

04/10/13 General Electric Power and Water chooses to manufacture 157 network router and computer containment covers.

06/01/13 has in catalog over 28 clear acrylic briefcases. For more information, please email and ask for our complete list.

07/25/11 Updated: a wider selection of new acrylic briefcases. Ideal for promotional advertisers looking for a unique product for their select customers.

06/20/09 Our Playstation 2 security enclosure debuts. See our sister web site, for more information on our Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo WII and Playstation 2 and 3 Security cases, only from

08/09/08 Bookmark our new Plastics Concepts and Design Blog!

07/15/08 to lauch all new briefcase line in 2008. Take a look at our feature article here! Alternatively, you can read our press release here

07/13/08 wants to emphasize our 3D design, rapid prototyping and plastics manufacturing skills. As a plastics manufacturer, we offer complete plastics manufacturing services with a strong weighting in clear or colored acrylic and lexan. We believe these two materials offer our customers the best choices in promotions, branding, retail display and other endeavors.

07/07/08 launches in an effort to promote our exclusive new line of clear acrylic briefcases and to show our customers the care and quality workmanship that goes into every one of our clear lucite cases.

07/06/08 Take a look at a feature detail photograph of our clear acrylic briefcase.

06/26/08 is working for the City of Charlotte on an AVL enclosure.

06/26/08 ships briefcases for an exclusive MGM Grande poker tournament. These cases will hold 1 million dollars each!

06/20/08 to expand its acrylic briefcase line through 2008. For more information, please email us!.

05/23/08 creates a new briefcase model for Virgen Advertising. Our custom case solution will house a new book suspended in clear acrylic.

05/01/08 briefcases were featured live at World Wrestling Entertainment for their million dollar briefcase giveaway. Fantastic video, thanks to all at WWE!

10/15/07 is able to custom manufacture Horizontal Tanks, Conical Tanks, Closed Top Tanks, Open Top Tanks, Rectangular Tanks.

09/29/07 Our sister web site and brand ClearPC® is now playing host to our entire product catalog. Feel free to drop in and browse through the various selections. Thank-you for visiting!

09/02/07 We have updated our Prototyping and Mold Making section. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Thank-you for visiting.

09/02/07 We have updated our Enclosures and Displays section including the upload of 21 of our most recent drawings.

08/31/07 We have updated 1 of our 3 main link pages above including the upload of our acrylic sheet Pantone Color Chart. Take a look at it under the Plastic Materials and Tools section. Thanks for visiting.

08/18/07 Please bear with us while we update our web site. Our upper links are not currently populated with information, however, for queries and general information, please feel free to call (+1) 250-721-3444.

07/11/06's clear lucite briefcases ARE ON SALE!! Great prices for our select line of clear acrylic briefcases. Check them out in our catalog.

05/08/06's clear lucite briefcases will appear in Self Magazine. Look for our enclosures in their upcoming issues!

05/01/06 to build acrylic enclosure prototype for the US Treasury Dept.'s Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth Texas.

05/01/06 to open online catalog soon. Our ecommerce engine is just getting started now.

04/27/06 to open to highlight our mold making skills (coming soon). We can create wood, epoxy, aluminum or steel molds for your plastic part for small or large scale production. All of our molds are 3D CAD modeled. If you need help in this regard, email us for more information.

04/26/06 opens a new web site, to expand our range of 3D design and drawing services. If you're looking to build a product in clear or colored acrylic, we can help you visualize individual components, complicated assemblies or any new product offering you may be considering, in 3D, even before it's made.

04/26/06 Sicola Martin, a reknown advertising agency, chooses as their supplier for custom fabricated acrylic briefcases. We provided laser etchings on request.

12/12/05 builds 22 acrylic briefcases for AMD®'s next road show. Check this out!

03/08/05 completes 3 enclosures for Oral B. See our enclosures at the Pacific Dental Conference, booth 620-624 at Vancouver Place. Click here to download a photo.

01/21/05 Our Consumer Briefcase/Security Case provides risk management throughout an organization, helps protect security personnel and effectively mars the ability to conceal contraband. For more information about this briefcase in a security role, view our Clear Security Briefcase page.

01/06/05 View our latest compilation photograph (1.1MB scrollable image) of our Consumer Briefcase in color. This photo highlights the craftsmanship which goes into each and every one of our cases. To view, click here to download.

01/03/05 Looking for a great casino promotion? Try our clear acrylic briefcases with $5,000 or $10,000 in each one! What a great promotion!

09/07/04 to thermoform a cast acrylic, sandblasted "Dog Bone" shaped enclosure for the movie industry!

08/20/04 to provide clear briefcases for a $50,000 cash giveaway!

07/27/04 will build clear carry cases for poker chips and casino giveaways.

07/22/04 to build clear cosmetics and beautician's cases. Photos available, please inquire.

04/20/04 to design clear briefcases for photo studios worldwide.

03/17/04 to design clear portfolio cases for the international arts.