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Polyethylene tanks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses and are in use across several major economic sectors. These include, but are not limited to residential, agricultural, recreational, transportation, merchandising and more.

There are vertical tanks, full drain IMFO tanks, horizontal tanks, conical tanks, closed top tanks, open top tanks, rectangular tanks, basins, safe-tanks, storage tanks and their uses vary within each industry.

All of the seamlessly constructed plastic tanks are made with FDA-approved polyethylene, which is the most widely consumed polymer. Polyethylene allows for ease of transportation as well as a cost effective method of storing liquids. The plastic tanks are UV stabilized, rendering them long-lasting and versatile even in outdoor settings. UV stabilization also protects the tanks from algae growth. When properly used, polyethylene tanks outlast those constructed from other materials such as fiberglass. They are also extremely simple to maintain, requiring virtually no upkeep.

The durability and light weight of vertical tanks makes them ideal for holding a variety of liquids above-ground. They come in an array of shapes and sizes, all of which are cost effective and long-lasting. The plastic tanks feature customized inlet/outlet fittings to allow for easy access. Contaminants are sealed out by the plastic and no residue is transferred into the liquids it contains, therefore always retaining the initial quality. Plastic vertical tanks allow for storage of more gallons without excess height and are structurally enforced with alligator pads. Applications for vertical tanks include rain water collection, well water reserve, irrigation storage, mixing processes, and fire fighting standby.

Full drain IMFO tanks are a variation of the standard vertical tanks. These plastic tanks offer complete drainage and can withstand harsh, caustic chemicals without deteriorating. They are specifically recommended to hold bleach. IMFO tanks are prominently used in water treatment plants.

Open top tanks have various uses in industry. They are often utilized in aquaculture and are also well-suited to most mixing processes. These plastic tanks have the same durability and versatility of the other tanks listed, along with an exposed top. This feature allows for storage of materials that benefit from exposure to the air. It also makes reaching into the tank simple, so performing tasks such as cleaning and transferring materials is not difficult. There is a removable lid if temporarily covering the vessel is desired.

Conical tanks have a design that allows fluids to flow out easily, so these plastic tanks are well-suited to filtering water. They are also used in the oil and gas industry.

Basins are tanks that are vast and durable enough to store large quantities of liquid for a long period of time. They are seamlessly constructed, one-piece containers that can be placed on flat surfaces. Durable and versatile, these plastic tanks fill a variety of roles. Among other uses, they can be utilized in the oil and gas industry, sewage treatment plants, to store water, and as thickening basins.

Storage tanks are constructed to provide consumers with a large amount of storage space proportional to the size of the vessel. They come in a variety of sizes, all of which are assembled with the same careful attention to detail. Liquids can be held within them for an extended length of time without the risk of any leakage or spilling.

There are many types of closed top tanks available, including portable water tanks, loaf tanks, and PUT (pick up truck) tanks. All of these plastic tanks share the same benefit of being portable and sturdy with a rectangular shape.

Loaf tanks, the plastic tanks best-suited to storing drinking water and other liquids for consumption, come with convenient handles molded into the sides for ease of transport. PUT tanks can store up to 320 Imperial gallons of liquids while sitting atop a pickup truck or van.

Portable water tanks are available in three degrees of strength, which can be chosen depending on the desired use.

Safe-tanks are specially designed with thicker walls or double walls to store harsh chemicals without the risk of leakage or deterioration.

Many industries and customers have benefited from the use of polyethylene tanks. Their wide range of uses, from the storage of drinking water to the mixing of food products, continues to grow with their increasing versatility. carries tanks suited to industrial, residential, agricultural, and recreational applications. The company adheres to a high standard of quality that yields durable plastic tanks at affordable prices. In all cases, minimum orders will apply.

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