Creating a prototype or a mold is a great process: the birth of something new! And it's worth getting excited about! We're here to share in that excitement and build a new relationship with you or your company as we develop what could be a small-scale or large-scale production run of the item you choose to build with us. Whichever it is, we have the right attitude, the tools, the design skills, the experience and the willingness to listen.


Let's determine what kind of process is right for your design item and then we'll hammer out the details necessary to get your product from paper to production in a timely way. All we need from you is a basic description, a simple hand-drawn sketch or a full-fledge drawing and we can get started.

If your design item is an item suitable for small-scale fabrication, we'll often take that route. If you plan to build thousands of small parts, perhaps a mold might be better. With respect to molds, we'd need to know the type and quantity of the item you are producing to choose the right mold. Often a wooden mold will work just fine for small-scale manufacturing. For medium production runs, a fibreglass mold works well and for even larger quantities (typically thousands) a metal mold is best.

We'll help you choose the right process for your design item. Let's go over it now. All you have to do is contact us to get started. For more ideas, take a look at our catalog.

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